REKAT's Quality. How bad is it?

Jan 31, 2000
I have been trying to decide between a REKAT and Benchmade. I like the looks of both the Carnivour and Pioneer models, but on the REKAT forum I see conflicting reports. Is there a quality problem at REKAT?
My Carnivore had nice quality control, except for a little vertical slop in the blade (a few degrees, worth). My Pioneer is pretty rough, but it is an old one. Even saying that, the QC control problems are more along the lines of rough opening, not poor lock up, etc. I think REKAT makes a good knife, and I liked both of mine. There is a hige difference in purpose, size, and ergonomics of the two series you mentioned, so make sure you know which one you want. The Pioneer is surprisingly short in its handle length, but it is pretty thick and fills the hand nicely. The Carnivore is more aggressive. I personally would not pay full retail for a REKAT folder at this time, but I rarely spend over $100 for any knife. Look for used ones. There are tons out there! I paid $40 for my Pioneer and it is a hell of a deal!

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REKAT's Quality Control is a "work-in-progress" as is the case with many cutlery companies. They appear to me to be taking the bull by the horns in this respect and are improving their product line's performance.
On their latest models, the Sifu in particular, QC has come up considerably. Mine has an action that is nothing short of outstanding. It flies open with a flick of the wrist and locks up tight every time. There is no blade play in any direction and the knife feels Solid. The heat treat on the ATS-34 blades are some of the best I've encountered to date.
I admit that my Carnivour, which I bought last year, was gritty in the action. I took it apart and polished up the inside of the liners and the blade at the pivot area and removed some gunk from the Rolling Lock mechanism and re-assembled it and it performs like a dream now.
The Carny now performs like my Sifu does out-of-the-box.

I would recommend that if you have doubts, go to your local cutlery dealer and handle a couple of REKAT's product and judge for yourself whether it meets your criteria. For sheer brute strength, one would be hard pressed to top REKAT's product line.
BTW, if you live in a state that is not Draconian in their knife law's blade length limits, by all means check out a Sifu.
They absolutely RULE!

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I have been looking for a store that has a REKAT to try out. There doesn't seem to be one in New Mexico, the state that is burning to the ground right now. It's a shame, that was some beautiful country.
Having owned both BENCHMADE and REKAT, I am a large Benchmade fan now. I gave my Carnie away and carry a BM 710HS daily.
I also worked and polished my Carnie, but the complex locking mechanism of the REKAT compared to the ease and simplicity of the Benchmade is no contest. I did not have to polish my BM out of the box to make it work to my liking, I had to with my REKAT.
I have a tanto pioneer ii in all black. the knife is awesome-when it isn't wobbling vertically!!!

Once a month i have to take it apart, and krazy clue the stop pins top the g10 scales!

This seems to do the trick, and the knife performs well when maintained.

I too, am disappointed with the quality of my Pioneer. The only time it seems "tight", is when I torque the pivot pin screws down, which then makes opening and closing harder.
I have broken down and polished mine also. Plastic spacers on each side of the pivot? Is that common in a $150 knife? After seeing the lockworks though, I must admit that I'm QUITE confident in the safety of the design.
I will probably be replacing it with a small KFF, though, for daily carry.
REKAT quality control is improving, but I still see knives of poor quality..
If you buy online make sure to ask for an inspection of the knife from the dealer..
Your the customer and you have the right..
If they wont handpick a good one, go somewhere else..
Spyderco and Benchmade still have higher standards of Quality..