Reliability of CS Kraton handles?

Apr 26, 1999
I've noticed a few posts concerning problems (cracking, chipping and falling off to name a few) with the Kraton handles on Cold Steel fixed blades. Should I be really discouraged from purchasing CS fixed blades (are they really that problematic)?
I was considering the Peacekeeper I or Recon Tanto, should I look elsewhere? I appreciate all info on the handles or knives themselves!! Thanks!!
I've been using a CS Master Hunter and Gurka Kukri for about a year now, with no problems at all. The Kukri has seen some pretty hard extended use, not just testing, and its going fine. I wouldn't hesitate,...except take a look at the Master Hunter, it probally will do a better job of what you may be really using the knife for. All IMHO.

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My Master Hunter is holding up fine, too, though I do have limited carry experience with it the cost of the knife is well worth the possible potential of a problem with the handle.

I hope that makes sense. It's a good knife and very affordable.


The handle on my Recon Scout just cracked and came off a few weeks back. I bought it new and used it a fair amount for about 2 years. I don't know if moisture got in it or what. Now I am a little leary of Kraton myself. A friend of mine has a Trailmaster, and the handle has started to crack on that as well.
I've owned many CS knives over the years and have had no problems with the Kraton handle.

I have had (and still have) a Mini Tanto since it's introduction back in the 80's and carried and used it for years. The Kraton is in great condition, just a little wear (light smoothing of the checkered pattern).

I highly recomend there fixed blade knives.


Thanks for the replies so far!!

Does anyone have any comments on the Peacekeepers?

P.S. tknife,
Have you contacted Cold Steel about the problem? If so, will they fix or replace them?

Thanks!! sevans
Direct sunlight and smog are the big enemies of plastics. It might be useful to know what part of the world contributors to this thread live in. It might also help to know whether the knives spend a lot of time in the sun or subject to air with salt spray.
Everyone has a different experience with Cold Steel.
I for one would say go for it. If the handle does come off, it won't be for a long time and there are plenty of options for handle replacement.
I have a Master Tanto and plan to get a Recon Scout, both with Kraton handles, not a problem for me. What I would like is a Kydex sheath for both now that would be sweet.

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I live in Florida, somewhat close to the beaches. Have you had problems in this environment; what do you suggest?

I think i'll probably go with a Recon Scout (maybe a Master Hunter) when I get a fixed blade, and I agree a Kydex sheath would be nice!!

Thanks again!!
Sunlight and smog hmmmm? Well, I do live in Los Angeles where there is an abundance of both! That could be my problem right there. As for contacting CS about it, I didn't. I wrapped the handle with parachute cord and covered it with epoxy. Seems to work okay, though not as comfy as the Kraton.

I've always lived at least a small mountain range away from the coast (vacations excepted)so I can't directly predict your environment's affect on kraton. One thing to look at is how other plastics last in your car, office, and around the house. I moved away from Los Angeles around 6 years ago. I have noticed that the rubber paper feed wheels in my computer printer last forever while similar units back in smog land are junk.