Remember the Tolonite contest a while back?

Sep 24, 1999
Here is the link - click me!

I submitted this design:

Well, I didn't win the contest as there were quite a few superior designs. But I liked my design and decided to make it myself. Now, I'm not a knifemaker, and I don't have the proper tools, so I did the best I could with what I had. I used a 1 x 30 inch hobby belt sander to grind the blade and shape the handle. I heat treated the 440C blade at work in an oven we use to "ash" coal samples.
The blade is 4.5 inches and the overall length is 9 inches. The handle is Cocobolo. I had lot's of fun with this and thought I would share some pics of the finished project with you.



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GREAT work! Looks like you've found a new hobby.

How was the heat treat done? Can you give a little more info?

Heat treatment was as follows:

Degreased blade with solvent. Placed blade in the furnace at room temperature on its spine supported on either side by two ceramic crucibles. Turned furnace on and slowly (30 to 45 minutes) raised temperature to 1880 deg. F. Held at that temperature for 30 minutes then removed the blade and allowed it to cool to room temperature. Tempered in an oven at 350 deg. F for one hour.
Congratulations! That is one of my favorite blade styles for a working blade.

How many orders from co-workers do you have now?

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