Remington 2005 "maverick" Bullet Knife


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Oct 5, 2002
That is nice. Is "bullet" the style or patters. The seller is calling it a muskrat , could it also be considered a moose? Jim
Oct 16, 2003
Well, looking at the blades I'd say it's a moose pattern. But I guess Remington can call it whatever they want, and being a firearm manufacturer it pleases them to call it a Bullet knife.
Whatever they want to call it, I like it. Looks comfortable.

Jul 29, 2002
Its called a bullet knife because of the "bullet" shield. The original remington bullet knives were the "top of the line" knives that remington produced in the 1920's.

They brough them back in the early 80's but with plastic handles. One pattern was produced for each year. Last year for the "yearly bullet knife", that is the one for 2004 they began to produce them again with bone. there have been a few with bone over the years, but nothing standard, usually limited edition ones.

The pattern is a traditonal muskrat. Most modern muskrats have two muskrat (also known as california clip) blades, rather then one muskrat blade and a different blade. The term "moose" is more of a modern term used for this style of knife. The muskrat became popular just after world war 1, and was mainly produced for those in the fur trade (yes, believe it, or not the fur trade was popular after ww1).

The average muskrat of the time had either a muskrat and a spey blade, or a muskrat and a spear blade. Also different companies of the time used different terms for these.

Case also produced a similar pattern knoiwn as a "J".
Jul 12, 2003
I've seen Schrade's 77OT (Muskrat) and another outfits Muskrat included in the knife sections of several trapping supply websites.