Remington knives

Aug 28, 1999
This is a new forum for me so I may be retracing old ground, but does anyone have any experience with the Remington ATS-34 fixed blade knives? How well do they hold an edge? And who makes them for Remington. I'm not a collector, just a user who is looking for a new knife before the hunting seasons. Thank you for any input.
Well, this may not be much help, but its all I know (which isnt much). I did not even know Remington had ats34 knives until I saw your post. I think other Remington knives are made by Cammilus. I have a 1991 bullet knife that seems to be well made. I think its 440a, it gets sharp enough but doesnt stay that way long. Im sure people who know much more will see your thread and I will be interested in seeing the replys.

we have stockeed there ats-34 knives for alittle over a year or so. they are produced by camilus as far as i know. they hold a nice edge as most ats-34 will. the biggest thing that hurts the remingtons i think is there design doesnt please alot of people.
we havent sold many of these since we have had them. they do seem very good as a user to me. but most people that come to us are still looking for black jack knives or now some marbles. id personally say the ats-34 remingtons are very good knives for the money. they only run in the low 50s as i recall so they are not a bad deal. you also get a decent leather sheath with it as well.
they are no collector but as a user i think they are good. food for thought. thanks for your time.

good as the best and better then the rest.