Remington & Rough rider?

Jul 29, 2002
Anyone notice how much these resemble each other?

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Rough Rider™ Congress with Mother of Pearl Handle and Abalone Shield $16.99

brand: Rough Rider™ RR054

·Stainless steel blades
·Mother of pearl handle
·Brass liners
·Nickel silver bolsters
·Abalone shield
·3-5/8" closed rider&Mode=Text&Brand=&PriceStart=&SKU=RR054

Remington® Congress with Genuine Mother of Pearl Handle $34.99

brand: Remington® RE18233
The Remington® Mother of Pearl Collection is produced with the same high quality craftmanship as previous Remington® knives. Mother of pearl handles are fast becoming extinct due to strict governmental production requirements. In order to produce these classically beautiful mother of pearl patterns, Remington® manufactured the collection off-shore. We hope you will treasure these knives and enjoy displaying them along with other Remington® Collectors' Series now and in the future.

·440 stainless steel blades
·Genuine mother of pearl handle
·Brass liners
·Nickel silver bolsters and spacers
·Certificate of authenticity
·3-5/8" closed
·"Remington® Green" display box in custom sleeve mop&Mode=Text&PriceStart=&Brand=&SKU=RE18233
Well now SandS, I'm gonna start wearin' my special foil hat while I read these forums, if things have come to that. :eek:

Bill :D
rev_jch, It was a poor effort at humor. :eek:
I was referring to legendary tin foil hats to stop the "Thought Police" from reading my thoughts kinda stuff. Twilight Zone....Convergent Evolution....all that.

Didn't really mean to come off as a smart a$$. :footinmou Just jokin'.

I remember Phil, I was just noticing how close these two looked like each other.
Depressing to think this: How long will it be before all knives look so closely similar.... because they were made at the same 'Off-Shore' factory.

Remington gets no points in my book for turning their back on another great American company-- Camillus-- who has made very high quality knives for them for about 20 years. This is the second time Remington has whored out their name in a cheap line of knives... remember the 'Bandits' of a couple years ago?

Trade with China is killing American manufactoring. I'm glad you brought this up again, Reverend.

Unfortunately the camillus "heat", and a few other of their models are made in the r.o.c. Kabar also has quite a few made over there also. Its getting hard pressed to find 100% american made knives coming out of american companies. Buck has been doing this also for a few years now. The "ecco" folders, a few others they are having made for them overseas also. Case, Queen, emerson are just a couple of the top of my head that are still producing all their knives here. Ive heard even puma has had some made in r.o.c. can anyone confirm this? Ive seen some come from spain, but Ive heard some are coming from the r.o.c. I think its a shame that american companies have had to do this, really sad. Im sure for the most part its probably not done willingly. The thing that really disappoints me is that some of these r.o.c factoires are more than likely the ones producing allot of "knockoffs".