Removing handles?

May 24, 2001
Anyone have any ideas on how I can remove a horn or wood handle without destroying it? I'm asking the question mainly with regards to the Karda and Chakma, but I'd be interested in hearing about techniques others may have used with Khukuris also.

Any ideas for a newbie? Terry, Bill, Yvsa, Rusty or the rest of the crew?

Patrick all you have to do is heat up the laha that's holding the handle on the steel.
This can be done by putting the handle end in boiling water until the laha softens enough for removal.
It works well for horn, but you have to be careful with wood handles.
Hot water and wood aren't real compatible with one another.

I haven't tried it, but a hair dryer or heat gun may raise the temp enough to remove the handle without hurting the temper of the blade.


Indin word for lousy hunter.
Thanks for the prompt reply. I've reviewed the archives but the posts on handle refinishing didn't say if the boiling would ruin the horn. Nice to know that will work. I have a adjustable heat gun I bought for a cabinet stripping project at home. I though I might give that a try.

Bye the way, I've been lurking for about a year, and I've enjoyed reading your post.