Removing sap from saw blades

I usually use turpentine or kerosene. Works a charm for me. Methylated spirits is probably the best for really old dried sap though
I haven't tried Lava bar soap but it would be the first thing I'd try. I always keep it for cleaning any kind of oily or greasy mess off my hands so it ought to work. I used to work in a newspaper pressroom and we would get printing ink on our hands constantly. We used Gojo or Lava and it did the job.

I don't know why more women don't automatically have a bar of Lava at the kitchen sink. How else do you clean stuff like chicken fat/grease off your hands?
I use gasoline sparingly just enough for the job, straight or mixed which ever is easier to reach for.
Soaked blade in 1/4 cup Goo Gone 2 min. Scraped EZ with pocket knife and wiped Spic & Span clean! Voila!
Out of town I have burned it off with a lighter, then a wipe. In town rubbing alc.
Rubbing alcohol, brake fluid, acetone, they all probably will do a fine job one way or another, but as a friendly reminder, please remember to cover or be careful with the handle. Most of these cleaning solutions will damage/melt (the coating of) the handles.