Removing waterjet graineness

Jun 11, 2006
Hi guys

I'm having a problem getting rid of the sandblast finish on my knives quickly after they have been waterjet cut ...I can do it slowly sanding but getting rid of the sandblast surface is taking an age.

Is there a low grit buffing compound that will get rid of the sandblast coating without damaging the knife, this would speed things up tremendously.

The other problem is removing the sandblast surface on the sides of a finger hole ie 3/4 inch diameter this is even more difficult, obviously with small holes they can be drilled, dremelling /sanding is too slow......any ideas


You'll have to be more specific. Parts are water-jet cut before they are finish ground. Finish grinding usually takes care of things like this.
Whats finish grinding.?...........I'm no metal worker, surely any grinding will affect the metal, not so much flat grinding but it's very difficult to grind edges and not take alot of material away I've tried with 800 grit belts but it's tricky that's why I have been sanding

However a cutting/ low grit compound on abuffing wheel may possibly remove the sand blast surface without noticiblyaffecting the metal sand paper on steroids I guess.


I still don't understand, but you can get buffing compound from 240-800 grit from
Look for the "Brush on compounds.)