Renaissance Wax

Apr 3, 1999
I just bought a can of Renaissance Wax and it seems like a great product. I was just wondering what types of materials it is safe on. Does anyone have much experience with this stuff? How does it affect Micarta? I see no reason to use it on Micarta, but it has a petroleum smell and i was wondering if it would damage a handle if a little got on it. What about bone or horn or semi precious stones (ie malachite, sugilite, etc).
Any information would help.

Keep Em Sharp

Can you tell me what this wax is for? I have heard about it but am not to sure what its main function is. Is it for storing knives? Would appreciate knowing what it's for.

"Need the info...."


Supposedly developed by a british museum to protect it's exhibits, including arms and armor. Used to use Johnson's paste wax on my Colts as I have acidic sweat and can leave fingerprints that turn to rust overnight. Degrease, warm the weapon a bit to open the steels pores and wax. let dry, buff off, and apply and let dry again. Worked like a charm.
Instead of overnight rusting, went months with out rust IF I wiped the thing off with a silicon rag. And that was floor was. Have heard only good on Renaissance Wax.
So does the wax help keep finger prints off the metal and protect it from minor blemishes? Sounds like a good product. Any net sources?



I saw Linda Karst protecting the scrimshaw on mamoth-ivory with renaissance wax. She recomended it to me. It cleans,restores and protects.
From what i gather you are supposed to be able to use Renaissance wax on just about everything, but I've never heard of anyone using it on Micarta, thus my question. It polishes and cleans somewhat but mainly seems to be a protectant. So far I've used it on blades (Stainless and not stainless), bolsters (steel and nickel silver), wood, bone, and stag. It seems great! Makes things shiny and less finger print prone. Prints still show up but supposedly the wax will keep the oils off the blades. I never even thought about using it on my firearms (duh!). That would be great as I seem to have extremely acidic body chemistry also. I'll have to check it on some out of sight spot to see what it does to the bluing. The can even claims it's good for leather. The only reason that I ask for experienced advice on this stuff is that it has a strong smell which doesn't smell like "just" wax.

Any experienced Renaissance waxers out there?
Kodiak, I'm not sure of any net sources off hand but I have seen it on the net. It is costly though. I paid $22 for it at a knife show and i've usually seen it for at least $25. That's $22 for 200ml! A little seems to go a long way. I bought my ffil (future father in law) a older model Kershaw lock back with wood inlay at the same show and the R. wax made it look great. Really brightened up the wood. I put some on a folder I own with Ebony inlay and it gave the ebony wood more depth.

I've had no experience with Renaissance Wax, but I have been using Flitz Metal Polish on firearms. It cleans, polishes, and protects. It is safe on blued guns too. I bought it at a gun shop.