Repairing Cracks


Mar 8, 1999
Meant to put this up anyway, but ran onto a reference on scrimshawing that referred to applying superglue, immediately sanding over the gap, ( with material removed going into gap ) reapplying, sanding more until the gap is filled, and finally sanding with finer/finest til the gap has disappeared. Done well, is reportedly almost impossible to detect.

Look at the link on the Preservation thread, and under other products, look at the Zap-A-Gap glue which was recommended by the scrimshaw article as second best of the lot with the source for the best not listed.
I have done that with the yellow wood glue, but never thought about it with super glue because it usually dries so quickly.
I wonder how the gel type super glue would work?
I noticed that WalMart had the BONDINI-2
in the gel the last time I bought a supply.

I am also wondering about the gel type as a "finishing" glue because the added drying time would allow some smoothing before it was too dry to work.
I do know that the super glue makes one hard, durable and Beautiful Finish!!!!:D:D:D:D
That got me wondering about drying time too, since they said put the glue in the crack and then sand. I've sanded first, packed the crackdown and then added regular superglue, repacked, more glue, and so on til it was built up over the lip of the crack, packed it one last time hard, and added the last bit of glue. Oh well.
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