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Replacement scales for discontinued Gerber Yari II?

Discussion in 'Maintenance, Tinkering & Embellishment' started by Naphtali, Apr 17, 2018.

  1. Naphtali


    May 20, 2002
    My "knife guy," who has been repairing my Morseth 4.75-inch clip point and making a new sheath for it, has been seriously ill for several months. While my preferred knife is unavailable, I chose to use other general purpose outdoorsman's knives for several weeks at a time. I discovered that the "back-up" knife I knew would be the most easily used in my possession is, in fact, the one I find the most difficult to use. And my Gerber Yari II drop point, the one I believed would be least useful and most difficult to use, is almost a knife superior to my Morseth. My Yari II's defect as an outdoorsman's knife is borderline unusable aluminum scales. Winter is still in Seeley Lake, and poorly designed metal scales are a trial in winter.

    The knife has been out of production for perhaps a decade, so any OEM Micarta® or stabilized wood replacement scales are no longer around. Who makes, or can make, replacement scales?

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