Replacment for leg o lamb

I have seen a few reviews by Goucho (sp) that utilized a leg of lamb. I like to use my knives for a while and for a variety of tasks including a good deal of utiliterian ones in order to get a full picture of the knife. In so doing I would like to offer up an alternative to lamb.
Pork Shoulder or pernil depending who you ask. Part of my preperation process is to slice and poke deep into the meat to season it. I then leave it int eh fridge for two days. YUM Had some yesterday. Anyway .. There is a very tough 1/8 inch to 1/4 thick skin on it. Only my very sharpest knives can slice through it at all and only the crazy sharp ones can slice through it with anything resembling ease.If you start with a small poke hole it makes it easier because you can start your slice there but if you just use the cutting edge and drag .. good luck. It is also very difficult to puncture as well and many of my knives need a reverse grip and a stable table. If you like or dont mind eating Pork give this a try with your defense tool of choice. I have hung it in a door way and taken stabs at it and MANY times the tip not only does not go to the bone but only makes a small 1/2 inch or so puncture wound. Some heavy slashes hit the skin and dont do much more than dent it!!

With this last one I got some interesting and kind of unexpected results. I have a henkles kitchen set. They are in the neighborhood of stupid sharp and I keep them that way. Tomatoes fall apart at the mere sight. My large one which I use for this kind of stuff was able as always to cut long slices into it but with a good amount of presure. The blade is about 1.5 inches at its widest less than an 1/8 inch thick and about seven inches long. It would not though make any real punctures at all even when the meat was sitting on the table. As Im still evaluating my beKnives Boot I broke it out rinsed it off and laid the blade on the heavy wrinkled skin and it slid right through with about 1/4 the presure. (estimated) What the hell gives. The edge is far thicker as is the blade thickness. Both knives will easily shave hair so I would have thought the thinner blade would be a clear winner. Perhaps you need more presure because it is so light. The Beknives boot also was able to make excellent and effortless stabs through the skin and right to the plate. I dont know what this proves yet and DAMN Im just going to have to make another one next week so I can test the Beknives against some of my others just to find out something about knife wieght and geometry if not which is my best cutter. Anyway If your not against pork for religous or health reasons try your favorites on Pork shoulder. You need a good recipe and preperation schedule email

Jan 31, 1999

Interesting about the Evan's Boot knife.
I have one coming next week as a gift for someone. Now I am tempted to run it through some test. That may not be kosher though...

Want to hear more of your test. May try it on the EDS - Evan's Dragon Slayer -- bowie when I get it. (That's just a name I made up for the lack of one.)

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