reply not goind to top of forum

May 15, 2000
I just posted a reply in the Camillus forum and my reply didn't go to the top of the forum. So i reposted a "bttt please" and this also was added to the thread but didn't rise up in order.
Just a heads up

Cougar Allen

Buccaneer (ret.)
Oct 9, 1998
It shows at the top of the forum for me. Could be the problem got fixed (or fixed itself) before I arrived, but I wonder if your ISP is running a cache. There are still some doing that.... Try a hard refresh, control-F5 if you're running Internet Explorer. If it still isn't at the top of the forum hassle your ISP!

If they're too dumb to know caching the web is not a good idea they're probably too clueless to deal with email too, so call them up on voice phone and don't settle for the first dork to answer the phone -- demand his supervisor, and then his supervisor, and keep going either until you run out of available supervisors or you get someone who seems to have a clue.