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Brian Jones

Jan 17, 1999
In reply to the last message from Spark on the locked thread:


No, it wasn't a threat in any way, it was as intended -- we can chat down there, and save the bandwidth here. Also, this all illustrates how we can misinterpret things in the cold world of cyberwords -- inflections and meaning totally get lost and various interpretations occur that differ from the writers' intentions. Speaking in person eliminates that and creates much better understanding (added in edit). James already locked it, so he had the right idea.
I'm a member of both forums, but it does seem that you had twisted what I said around a bit, and we're hogging bandwidth with this, which is why I said that. I certainly don't go around threatening people on the web. Now, the example you gave me privately from Knifeforums -- they would say it was backlash against your sniping, wouldn't they? Exactly the same claim you made here in this discussion. Who's right? Who started it? Who fired the first shot? Who cares? My whole point in this was to hopefully draw it out and show that none of this is productive, and everybody should just worry about their own forums and stop comparing "* size." It's a battle of attrition, and since nobody wins, it really doesn't make sense for anyone to compare, does it? So let's stop here.

Anyway, James, you might wanna lock this one, too. Spark and I have agreed mutually to go private with any further discussions.


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Ok cool then, I look forward to meeting you (and everyone else, of course) at the 1999 Blade Show.

In the words of Eric Cartman, it will be "Shweeeeeeeeeeeet"


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