Repost of the almost Khothimoda story.

Jan 26, 2022
My goals were to get the Khukuri into the right hands and make recovery easier for my friend just out of hospital, but BF had other ideas and deleted the thread.

This was supposed to be a Khothimoda by Bura, but the buffalo bone handle cracked and the dap was never silvered. The fittings are silver though. He did actually complete a Khothimoda in '06, maybe a year after that I got this one. Around then, the civil war was on in Nepal and Maoists were disrupting shipping from the forge so I bought this to help out. You can ask me for more pictures if you like, but there are none of the Khukuri in the outdoors or chopped into wood because that's never happened. It's never cut anything. As soon as it was out of the box I wrapped it up again. The Kharda and Chakmak are still with it too.

Bura's mark. Rest him.

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