Reprofile Cold Steel Serrations?

Mar 4, 2000
Having never been a fan of serrated edges in general and the CS serrations in particular, I now find myself strangely drawn to the design of the Desparado. I tried searching BF threads and what little I found indicated only that the CS serrations are indeed a pain to sharpen. Has anyone ever tried (or even contemplated) "reprofiling" from CS serrations to a plain edge? This may prove particularly tricky with the recurve design of the Desparado. Your thoughts and advice are appreciated.
From what I know it's impossible.
Suggest you contact glockman99 -- Dan Fassnacht (sp?) He's the most extreme CS fan I've noticed in my reasonably extensive reading of current forums. I'm pretty sure he is a moderator over on Knife Forums too. Would think that any search of CS threads recently will locate him.

In one thread of a few I dashed thru, someone stated flatly, with no details, that he knew several guys who'd ground their serrations off CS knives.

Here VERY recently someone had a CS for sale and the description stated that they had ground off the serrations with an EdgePro . . . could not find the thread though.
I had a DESPERADO, cool enough knife, just not what I had in mind...TOO LARGE! I would rek'mnd it for defense and gardening, that's about it though. The serrations are a PAIN!!! I have had a few CS pieces over the years, and sharpening their plain edges is a breeze, but their serr pattern is ROUGH!

Steve in NYC

I also have a Cold Steel Desperado. I have to say that it is one hell of a GREAT knife. Out of all my knives, including customs, it is by far the best for in waistband carry. I have put this thing through hell and it is still perfect. The serrations still cut aggressively, even when dull. If you seriously wanted to remove the serrations, it should be fairly easy with an extra course DMT diamond stone. Don't settle for less than a DMT, they are a world apart from EZ-Lap and most other brands of diamond sharpeners. Good luck, keep us posted.

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hey there,

Lansky now makes a crock stick scharpener specifically for cold steel serrated knives. You have to call Lansky to order it, it's so new, costs 6-7$. I ordered one for a friend, looks like it'll work great.

I took the serrations of a VG from Cold Steel with no problems (6" lockback, recurved blade). The steel (aus-8a) is soft and grinds readily.

I think that if you take your CS Desperado, and saw a heavy soup-can in-half with it, the serrations will pretty much remove themselves.

Although I DO love Cold Steel knives, I have to admit that their serrations SUCK! (Spyderco does a much better job of serrations...But PLEASE don't tell Lynn Thompson that I said that...

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I have a ready edge that was once serrated, and is now plain. Just started with a lanskey extra course stone, and now it's a razor sharp plain edge.

Among my Cold Steel knives is one of those K7 kitchen knives, fully serrated. I accidentally let it corrode and the teeth got the worst of it. After removing the rust with a green Scotchbrite pad, I realized that the teeth were going to be practically impossible to sharpen, more so because some of them were corroded away.

I got out my bench stones and simply sharpened the blade ignoring the serrations. I just sharpened it as if the blade was a plain edge with no teeth. It looked ugly when I was done (especially from the missing bits that were corroded away), but was as sharp as ever.

Instead of the voids of the teeth being sharpened (like it was when it was new), the "high" parts were sharp. Cutting performance turned out as good as when the knife was new.

If you decide to buy a Cold Steel serrated blade, my advice is don't worry about sharpening the teeth. As long as you care more about cutting performance more than you care about looks, just sharpen it as you would a non-serrated blade and it will turn out just fine.

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