Request for review of SOG Vision

I don't recall anyone giving a review, but I would like to see somebody use it hard and see how it holds up.
I second the request. These look nice to me (in a kinda bizare way). I'm torn between one of these in G-10, Night Vision?, or a new Benchmade 722. If anyone has seen these-WOW, very sharp (no pun intended), then again I really like the 720's.

I may not be a rocket scientist, but I like knives...
I like mine quite abit. Very nicely done. I think the vision has been overshadowed here abit due to knives like the sere 2000 and the Microtech LCC. Here are some threads:

Two excellent reviews:

Initial impressions:

and a detailed pic of the arc lock and how it works:

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Hi Dan & Ed,

Thanks for the request. The links below are outstanding. Please check them out.

If you have any specific questions after reading them, I'm sure either Mr. Mitin or Mr. Bible will be more than willing to answer any questions. Also, I'm available to you as well (either here, in the SOG Forum, or through my voice mail).


Thanks for the vote of confidence Ron.

Something I wanted to add. The Vision seems to be a real sleeper here on the forums. I really cant figure why. It looks like a knife of this quality would generate more excitement. Like I said earlier, maybe its because of others getting most of the attention.

I also have a 722 and can say that of the two I would choose the vision. Fit and finish are better, ergonomics are better, its just a better knife. I love the different grind lines on the vision. The only thing I would change would be to offer it in plainedge.

Dennis Bible
Just today, I went to a knife store and handled the SOG VISION, and X-RAY.

The only word to describe this knife is, "Wow!"

I particularly liked the titanium handled VISION although it is not the knife for anyone looking for a small, lightweight knife. It is substantial, and feels extremely solid. It is like Humvee.

I hate to say this but I wish I had waited a bit and bought the VISION over the BM 710. Yes, the VISION is that good.
Well you've sold me. Now I need to decide wether to get the G-10 or Titanium handled one. I haven't found a store that carries them around the Chicago area. I hope to see them at the knife show in Oaklawn next weekend. I would also like to see these offered in plain edge. Thanks for the info.
You can handle the Vision and X-Ray (Along with a really respectable selection of Benchmades, Spyders, Kershaws, and *William Henrys*) at Erewhon Mountain Supply - Bannockburn Green Shopping Center at the Corner of Waukegan Rd (Rt. 43) and Half Day Rd (Rt. 22) in Bannockburn. If they've got them, you might want to try some other Erewhon stores...

I was stunned to find a well stocked case of high quality knives. And the sales girls actually WANTED to help with them, and allowed gratuitous handling.

I was non-plussed by the Vision, but it was nothing about the quality or design - just not my cup of tea. For perspective, I did like it much more than the BM940.

PS - Come to dinner at Patsby's on Saturday night immediately following the show! Ask for the TKC-L table! Show-and-tell never disappoints...

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I'm very excited about where SOG is heading. The only reason I haven't indulged so far is that the two Arc Lock implementations are a tanto format and modified dagger format respectively, and neither interest me. As soon as they do a solid clip point version, sign me up. Ron, want to drop any hints on when we might expect such a beast?

Reviewing the Night Vision I drew some propositions with clip- and drop point blades.
In my honest opinion now Vision is dedicated folding fighter. I think if it would appear with clip- and/or drop point blades it could rise the interest among people who need mostly utility knives.
Ron, what do you think about this?
Serg- I agree, I would reserve it to being a "protection piece". That is why I don't mind the serrations. They add nothing to that role and I don't think they detract either, but this would be a knife that is carried all the time, just in case, and if needed in an emergency to cut rope etc. the serrations would help. I can't wait to see one.