Request: MOD CQD MKI pictures

Sep 17, 2006
I'm thinking of getting a MOD CQD MKI and would like to see some close up shots of it. If anyone has one and wouldn't mind posting some pictures and maybe a yes or no vote as to whether or not to buy, or even a little review (nothing huge, a paragraph or so is enough) I'd appreciate it.
Thanks in advance:thumbup:
Sep 30, 2000
It's a huge folder. 6" closed and just a touch over 9 1/2 " open. I prefer the Mark II but currently I own a Mark I manual open version. It was a well executed knife under the MOD name. I'm not sure about the quality under the Blackhawk name.

I would buy one if I could get a good price on one. I was lucky enough to get one for just over $100 new from another forum member. If I had to pay closer to retail pricing I would get a larger framelock folder from a different company. There is nothing wrong with the MOD version I have but today there are other folders out there for less that are easier to carry around.