Request Review: Marbles large Bowies....

Aug 15, 2000
I hope someone has experience with these knives, I can't think of the exact model name, but they are Marble's HUGE bowies (about 14" long, I think). They cost somewhere over $150, and I'd like to know if it is worth the cost, and anything else you can tell me. This seems to be a little discussed knife. Is this an underrated knife?
That would be the Marbles Trailmaker. You can get them with various handle materials--micarta, stag, stacked leather, etc. 5160 steel. I own a smaller model, and from listening to fellow owners I think I can say that the general consensus is that while fit & finish are not as good as a Randall, the steel & heat treat on any Marbles is excellent, and you can't beat the price.

The other nice thing is that Marbles has a custom shop, and they will do anything you want--special handle, special grind on blade, modified guard, etc.