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Request review on CS Light Kukri.....

Jul 7, 2000
Anyone has the CS Light Kukri? Im not sure if thats the correct name, but im looking for the shortest one, maybe 8" blade? I need one is portable but still has the chopping power. Is the CS ones any good? If not any other Kukris worth considering??

SharpEdge, I think all the CS Kukris have the same blade length, just different thicknesses. I have the LTC Kukri you're talkink about, and I like it very much. If you want something more traditional, cruise over to the Himalayan Imports forum, and ask what folks recommend. I just got a 30" Sirupati that I'm very impressed with, though that's probably a little bigger than what you're looking for.
I have also used the LTC kukri very,very extensively. I have owned three of them. Here is my experience with them.

(1) They chop very well, when I first used one I could not believe it's performance. I cleared a thicket of small trees and bushes that was about ten feet in diameter in about thirty minutes. The knife would still shave though not as well as it did new.

(2) the knife is very thin. the reason why it chops so well, but also the reason why I've gone through three of them. They bend, warp, twist, and yes break readily when using full force for a small amount of time. For light work they do just fine. For large diameter trees/logs you might want something with a thicker spine. Sometimes all it takes to warp one is a deflected hit on a tree, which happens every once in a while. I was testing to see how many hits it would take to get through a small pine one day and my first one let go. Not a good sound, luckily no one got hit by the flying peice.

(3) I like them for little work and every once in a while moderate work is fine. You ask about the light kukri and I think the blade shape is an improvement over the LTC thickening the blade area right after the handle. Probably making the blade stronger.
Not much of a review, but hope it helps.

Also a believe all cold steel kukri have a 12" blade.


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Go to the Himalayan Imports forum and talk to Uncle Bill or the Gurkha House forum and talk to Craig. There's lots of Khukuris to choose from and I think they're cheaper than the CS kukris but not cheaper in quality. They're almost indestructible and guaranteed for life. Caution: once you buy one you'll end up buying more!
OMrie is right, HI has it all over CS. I just picked up a Gelbu Special on the HI forum that has a cracked handle. It was so small that I couldn't find it for a few minutes, so it wasn't that big of a deal. Plus I got about $50 off because of it
. It is a great knife though, I can't imagine anyone strong enough to do significant damage to the blade. It's a considerably larger khukuri than what you're asking about though. HI and Ghurka house both sell a 12" khuk that I'm sure is still very tough. I would imagine that it's not a great chopper though. I also have a GH khuk, a British Army service model. It's a little smaller than the GS from HI, but it's still a good sized knife and a respectable chopper. It's about 15" long while the GS is 19". Either way you can't go wrong with either GH or HI, and IMO both are worlds ahead of CS for khukuri's. If you want more info, go to the GH and HI forums in the Makers and Manufacturers section. There are lots of people there who have used and abused all kinds of khukuris. http://www.physics.mun.ca/~sstamp/knives/reviews.html also has several reviews of different sized khukuri's. Good luck, and if you have any other questions or need clarification of anything in this post feel free to e-mail me.