Rescue Jr. in Plain-edge?

May 29, 2000
The subject line says it all. Is the any chance that this would happen. I know the full-sized Rescue is available in Plain-edge, but I need something smaller. I started thinking about the Jr. when, in another thread I started about breaking the tip off of my Delica, someone else "suggested" that I buy one the Rescues 'cause the tip wouldn't get hurt if I dropped it.

Well, earlier today, my Assistant Manager (the one I got started with Spydercos) told me that he just broke the tip of his brand-new Delica. He was trying to chip away at a block of ice (why, I don't know) and he broke almost half an inch off of the tip! Now, the Delica that he had just bought was the fully serrated version, so the regular Rescue Jr would work just perfect for him. After discussing this with him, I think I have him convinced to buy one!

My problem is that I love plain-edge knives. Everything that I have purchased in the last year or so has been plain-edge. Plus, whenever I have to fly, I like to take my EDC with me, if its plain-edge, no problem.....if its serrated, I have to take something else.

So.....does anyone know if this knife is a possibility?

Hi Flinx. Probably not likely, sorry. The requests for a plain edge Rescue jr are just not there.

Oh well, it was worth a thought.......But thanks for the quick answer Sal. As always, I love how you take the time to interact with your customers!! :)