Rescue shears sheath

Just saw this and this is sweet! Gonna show this design to my old colleagues who teach Tac. Med. to the troops.
Let me know if I can send you one out!
Will gladly pass that along to 'em Robert H! Thanks!

(Er, I hope you did see my location was from abroad. . .)
Man I really need to get one of these. Id like to see if my guys would use em. Be a great morale gift for everyone.:thumbup:
Shoot me an email or PM and I'll get one out to you.
Nurse, Volunteer firefighter/EMT student , and Army Guard. Know I'm late but would love to get my hot little hands on one of these. A metal belt clip would be definitely what I would be interested in for versatility. If your all set on testers and evaluators willing to pay.
PM me your details.
I'd love to test one of the rescue shear sheaths , I'm a fulltime paramedic in Ga. 17 years and counting , I would even rock my pink shears in it . the pink ones are FF proof . if you drop them on a call . the FF will bring them back to you and say '' I think you dropped these.'' thanks .
Hi Robert,
I have a thread is the WSS forums about a friend deployed to Afghanistan, and Protourist sent the link for this thread. Are you still making them? Please let me know, and I also want to have a sheath made for a knife that I have. It is a very low number Gerber BMF. 8" blade with verticle plunge cuts on the swedge as opposed to the angled cuts on the later models. My e-mail is: Thanks, Kelly
That looks like a very nice way to carry shears, I am a full time emt-b on a bus and a fighter do you make this in a horizontal carry option? i carry mine tucked in my belt so some of the a**holes That i pick up don't try to grab them and stab me.
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