resin/epoxi for making Micarta

Apr 30, 2017
Hello folks, i see that this topic has been visited Before, but i i did not see much of a conclusion, so i guess yet again i would like to reignite the discussion...

may I have advise on which epoxi or resin is better (hopefully something that can be purchases in amazon) to make micarta? my plan is to buy some glow in the dark powder and try some while polyester fabric to tro to make some glow in the dark scales, but not yet sure which epoxi to use.. i have heard that fiberglass would torn a bit yellow/brow-ish over time...

any advise would be greatly appreciated,
thanks a lot!
I would recommend West System 105 epoxy and the 205 slow hardener, or the 207 extra clear hardener.

You can't make Micarta ... it is a trade name made with phenolic resin.
I'm no expert and have wayyyy less experience than Stacy but thought Resin would make more sense for this and that alumilite is generally considered to be the best. There's a tone of Videos on youtube for Alumilite.

I'm sure Stacy is correct but I've made a bunch of scales with blue, black jeans and different cloth with simple "fiberglass" resign bought locally at a auto parts store. I've kept several and gave several away and never had a single complaint. I've presently got two daily use kitchen knives with blue jean handles that look like new after several years with hand washing. But I've got no clue on your glow in the dark powder.
You can speak to the chemist at Polymer Composites in Ontario california. His name is Gerald, give him a call. He is an expert and has several formulations that are used in aerospace and industry for making laminates.

He formulations are high impact, food safe and not just marine epoxy which is not made for making layered composites.

Their products are awesome and he can set you up with the best formulation for what you need.
Alas, I live in Costa Rica, so will have to o with limited options here.. i called a place there they sell resins, spoke to the chemist, he said the resin they sell for fiberglass is kind of weak and will turn yellow, recommended a couple of epoxy resins that are very tough and are suppose to stay clear in exteriors and all, i will try with the more fluid first to do some tests and report back...
the cryptic name of these: Epoxy resin "83" and the hardener is called "90"... I wonder if they use something like that in area "51"
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