Oct 2, 1998
Hey guys, I'm working on a knife site I began a while back (and gave up on due to dinosaur computer at the time) and am wondering what screen resolution are you running at? (ie 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768, etc)

A. Dale McLean
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Make it 800x600. You will find that to be the standard. If you need any help let Spark or me know.

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Good luck on your site construction!

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Just remember, the most important part of your page is the first 600x300 pixels, everything after that is filler....


Kevin Jon Schlossberg
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I work in 1280x1024x16bit.
But you want to work at the lowest common denominator. Resolution-wise, you may want to think about working as low as 640x480x8bit, though I agree the norm is probably 800x600x16bit now.
In the past, I did any site work aimed at 640x480 (my own site for example) since that was the most commonly encountered screen size. Myself, I run at 1024x768x32bpp. Just thought I'd make a general inquiry since I know how frustrating it is to have to scroll left and right to view an entire page.

A. Dale McLean
<A HREF="" TARGET="_blank">ADaM Sharps Cutlery - Canadian Knife Dealer</A>
I generally work at 1024x768. However, the applications I develop are usually designed for 800x600, unless my client specifically requests lower (or higher) resolutions.
I recall at least one person on this forum has said he's a WebTV user, which is a different game entirely - check for WebTV design recommendations.
And take Spark up on the help offer - he seems to know his way around a web site.

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I'm at 1024x768 too, but I feel very strongly every website should be readable with plain vga for now -- there are still a lot of vga laptops in use (and some vga crts, too, even mono vga crts). I suggest looking at it in different modes and trying to make sure it works in all of them -- you might want to post pictures that people at 640x480 will have to scroll around in, but don't force them to scroll to read text. There's no need for that; you can make a page look good on good monitors and still be readable at 640x480. There are still some greyscale screens in use, too, especially on laptops, so look at it in greyscale mode and make sure the text doesn't disappear into the background. You don't have to sacrifice anything to make your site compatible with older computers; it just takes a little extra time to make sure it's accessible to everyone. Lynx compatibility is very cool, too; you might be surprised how many of the real geeks prefer to use Lynx because it's so fast.

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