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Restoration on a WWII era Soldiers Handmade Knife

Daniel Fairly Knives

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Jan 9, 2011
Here is a knife i am starting work on today, it is a big honor to say the least! I am doing a mild restoration on this one and keeping it as original as possible. it should be in service for quite a while longer now. I just located the original rivets after an extensive search so it is time to get this project going! Here's the backstory.

My grandfather Elmer is 97 years old this year...

When he was stationed in Greenland during the war, he served as a boat captain in the Coast Guard doing a lot of "glorified taxi driver" duty, as he tells it. He'd shuttle the big wigs around and generally served at their whim. A last minute call to transport a high ranking official spared him from being a part of the D-Day invasion...

My aunt contacted me recently and asked if I'd be interested in having "the kitchen knife your grandfather made during the war." Of course I said yes! As he tells it, he was bored one day so he went down to the maintenance shed and made a knife out of a sturdy hacksaw of some sort.
It's been in his knife block ever since. It's crude, but effective. It's been used a ton, and it has been subjected to the indignities of a dishwasher far too many times. It needs a makeover.

Consider me subscribed! Great story. I want to see this knife brought back to life.
Thanks Tony! I'm honored to work on it.

I ordered some rivets today after a big search, I want it to look as stock as possible and I think these might be dead on. I think the scales may be Hickory so I'm going to look for some (hammer handles or whatever I can find!) for the handle if they look to match.
Any updates on this project as well ?...
That's really cool that you now have a
Knife your grandfather made during the
Great War WW2... ! The oldest War that
Any of my relatives has been in is Vietnam !

FRC505 aka Frank Cervantes