Restraining Strap

Jan 5, 1999
I've a sheath that uses velcro on the restraining strap. To me velcro is just like blade coating or leather sheath - will not withstand hard use. The sheath is still in good shape, just the velcro is not holding up.

I don't want to send my knife away to have a Kydex sheath made. Besides the sheath is still in good shape. I'm thinking of using metal snap to replace the velcro, but the heavy duty type requires a machine(?) to punch the snap through the thick sheath.

Any suggestions?
I've never liked metal snaps either because they invariably get jammed with gook making them dificult to close. Molded kydex isn't secure enough. Buckles are too slow. Rubber restrainers(as on the Boker Applegate/Fairbairn sheath) degrade in the sun. Studs work all right, but don't inspire confidence. There is no satisfactory restrainment device for a knife sheath in my opinion.

That said, you could always buy another patch of velcro and sew it on. It's not the greatest, but at least you can repair it easily when it wears out.

This is a very vexing issue, and I'm just not sure if I will ever find a satisfactory sollution.

I too was hesitant to send my knife off to get it fitted for a kydex sheath. I only did so when the leather sheath had gotten so gross that I was affraid it was breeding deadly mutant bacteria. Then I tried out every aftermarket sheath I could until they all proved to be unsatisfactory. I was really let down by the ALLWAY sheath. My Project 1 couldn't even fit inside it.

Anyway, you really should just break down and do it. It will freak you out at first, but your knife will be back in no time. It was like sending a daughter off to college for me, me and my knife had never been apart before, and I had no idea where it was going or when it was coming back.
Hi,one of the best systems I,ve seen & used, is the one on gerber mk 2 combat as a secondary (jump) system .simple (like all good things) consists of a loop of leather from behind, out & over handle,& back thru.friction of leather in small holes provides grip. hope you can understand my drivel.cheers.
Just want to share my x-perience with kydex sheaths.

I carried a Cold Steel tanto during ranger service here in Sweden, used it during winter exercises and did some really nice crashes during skipatrols and it NEVER failed.
I also carried the same knife in Bosnia for 6 months, again, never a failure!
I carried it inverted on my LBE, attached with electrical tape.

I think it´s a matter of design rather then poor material.

Just sharing my x-perience!

Be well! Jonas aka 2Sharp

Stay sharp, ride hard, watch six, Keeps ya´alive!!

Hi,pay no attention to that other guy , he's my evil twin. I goofed, so many knives... it's actually the Randall sheath that we were thinking of, not Gerber. sorry to confuse you. does'nt take much for me ! too many toys... he who dies with the most toys wins. W velcro does not seem to perform well in water, suspect the nylon swells... when I find perfect product, I'll let you know,don't hold your breath, blue's not a good look.
Barnaby, Snaps and leather punches are cheap and easy to install. Try one of those big chain hobby stores or a hardware store in the tarp and rope section. There maybe a Tandy Leather store still around but I think most of them have closed. That would be the best place. A kit consists of a set and a little concave anvil with a few snaps. A punch may be a few dollars more but might be worth it if you want to install more than one snap sometime. I get my snaps from an upholstery wholesaler a hundred at a time and I put them in all kinds of stuff.
I think I found the solution: a stud on the sheath right above the finger guard, just like the way Chris Reeve makes the sheath for his Project I/II. Now I have to find a nylon stud and a secure way to fasten it onto the sheath.
You might try a shoe repair shop. I know they work on other things besides shoes. I know a guy that had a shop and he was always fixing womens purses and straps. He would also set snaps in belts to if someone didn't want another hole or two punched in it.


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