resurfacing paper wheel ??? (PIC)

Dec 4, 2007
I bought a set of paper wheels for my bench grinder a while back from a poster here, and have a question.

Is there a way to resurface or clean up the coarse wheel. My stropping (smooth)wheel is fine but someone clogged up the coarse wheel with either to much wax or they just may have run off most of the grit. Is there a way to resurface this or do I need a new one?

As you can see in the pic most of the grit is either gone or clogged up.

36 grit sand paper on a flat metal (bar stock?) surface and gently present it to the wheel. It will remove the grit and wax down to the paper. Then you can follow the instructions that came with the wheels and re-apply the grit with glue. It is kinda dusty to do, so if you have a shop vac, you might want to have it pointed toward the wheel to catch some of the debris. Then let it sit for 24 hours and apply an appropriate amount of wax to keep things cool.
RichardJ works with paper wheels, he would be able to help out here.
The pic is blurry so its hard to tell what is going on. It kind of looks like wax in the grit which is how it is supposed to look. When you use the wheel the wax melts and exposes the grit and the process of melting and the wax keep the blade cool.

Have you tried using it? You don't need much grit to raise a burr. I think it is silicone carbide which you can probably search for to find a place to buy. The razor edge website should have it available.

As far as glue it is just elmers white glue. You put some on and then smooth and spread it out with your finger. You then sprinkle the grit on until no more sticks and do it above a piece of paper so that you can collect it and re-use.
Ya I know its blurry... cell phone pic. Ok that helps thanks alot. I did find the small tub of grit that came with the wheels, wasn't sure about the glue.
elmers woods glue...

After doing the sand paper on a board, folks put grit on a sheet of paper, glue coated around the wheel (spread with finger) and roll the wheel through the grit... then sit for 24 hours.

I haven't had to resurface either of my wheels, but my one set came with a set of videos. Good stuff...

OT: tormek - t3... saw one at woodcraft yesterday. I'm in love. Wife asked how much... it'll be a long distance relationship for (quite) a while.