Rev Req: Boker Nealy Specialist

Mar 17, 1999
I was contemplating the purchase of this setup. I have a Nealy custom with MCS and was wondering how the Boker compares (for the money it seems like a good value but I have never held one). I also heard there is a drop point version of the Boker but I have only seen the tanto advertised.

All comments welcome.

Thanks in advance.

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The Specialist rig is so cool that I ordered a second. I generally prefer folders and hate clips, but this rig is way too practical.
The first one I got was the cocobolo/tanto.
I ordered the G-10 to handle the weather when clipped to the glove box of the motorcycle.
The kydex sheath has a magnet in it to secure the blade, and the blade is made of satin-finished 440C which is pretty hard to stain.
There's no clip on the knife itself, just numerous options in the sheath.
The knife is very well balanced and fits my hand well in foreword or reverse grip.
As for availability of the drop point, check Skylands and Knife Center.
Did you know that they are also doing them in Black-T ?
Seems redundant to me (unless you need tactical advantage) as the blade resists rust and comes VERY sharp.
I too have been wanting to buy this knife but one thing that I am concerned about is the lack of a handguard of any sort. BTW, how comfortable is it when worn around the neck?
The other thing that upsets me is the fact that black coating the knife increases the price by $30!
Having only seen these at a gun and knife show, I think they're a nice little knife. Boker tends to make good use of 440C, I like the choice of G-10 or cocobolo, and the sheath looks well made and very versatile. I am, however, looking forward to the drop point version and will probably pick one of those up when they come out.

Don LeHue

The pen is mightier than the sword...outside of arm's reach. Modify radius accordingly for rifle.

A similar knife is Al Polkowski's Bodyguard. I bought one two years ago. Blade length is
3 7/8" length, bead blasted ATS 34. Scales are bead blasted G10. Grip has deep finger inlet so little chance of hand slipping onto blade. Very slim. Very elegant. Comes with 3 Kydex sheaths: neck, small of the back, and inside the waist band. $220. 12-18 month wait. And my wife thought I had no patience.

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Yes, the Specialist is a neat looking piece but,I would really love to see Boker do a version of the Pesh Kabz!
Me too! In fact my only hesitation about the Boker is the lack of both a guard and a pinkie catch which I consider very important for a knife with such outright defensive connotations. It would definately make the knife more practical and safe to use. Do those of you who own this knife feel that the grip is secure or is it worth spending double for a custom (Pesh Kabz)? I guess that the sheaths are equal in quality.

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The Specialist has deep friction grooves cut into the handle to enhance grip. You can't see them in all the photos I've seen, but they are present and are confidence-inspiring.