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Rev Req: Running Dog Knife


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Nov 23, 1999
I am looking for someone out there that has any of the Running Dog line of small knives in BG-42. I would like anyone's opinion on the asymmetrical flat grind.

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."
Thanks for posting that address. I was going to mention above that I had read Chiro's review of the Pup, but also wanted any other opinions as well.

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."

There is only 4 of those BG42 right now. I am waiting on mine. Any day now, I hope...

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I'm trying to work on maybe number 5. Well, sort-of...

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."

Just got my BG42 pup and regular pup today. Thanks, Mike!!!

First, I agree with Chiro's assessment about the regular pup. Darn nice for the money. It's smaller than I expected or anything I have. Yet, it's got nicely designed handle and nice file work (I don't know if this is standard) on the top of the blade that afford a really secure grip. I don't know what to call this grind. It's almost chisel (which I generally dislike) but on the "flat" side, there is a small bevel by the edge. The primary (or chisel) bevel is on the right side where it should be for a right hander. The knife is shaving sharp and the grinds are well done and even.

Some changes from Chiro's review (and probably because of it?) The sheath is smaller. Good fit -- not too tight or loose -- nice. The screw that was in Chiro's blade to help retention in the sheath is not gone. The knife is more attractive without it.

Overall, I like this knife a lot. When I got it, I slipped it in my front pants pocket and forgot about it. That's how unobtrusive it is. I should do fine around the neck as well.

Now, the BG42 pup. Beautiful satin finish. has "Running Dog, 1999/2000" nicely engraved on the handle. Tasteful too, if these are to remain a limited edition of four. But for knife users/lovers, I would hope Mike Runnning Dog can be convinced to make more. The sheath on this comes with a clip to afford multicarry options that the regular pup sheath does not. I like MCS since I generally don't wear neck knives around my neck. Silly me, eh...

My only complain with the BG42 pup was that it came with about 1/2" of the blade edge unsharpened near the choil/index. I spent some time with a DMT blue/red sharpener, and then the medium and fine stones on my Spyderco 204. Shaving sharp now.

I have no experience with BG42 and won't know how it compares to some of the other top stainless like ATS34, 440C, CMP440v, VG1 that I have. Time will tell. If it chips on a "f**king staple", I'll be the first to let you know. Oh yeah, good -- no -- great deal for what I pay. I not sure if I am supposed to say, but it ain't substantially more than the regular pup.


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I got my BG-42 Pup today, cut some cardboard, cuts great and still shaving sharp after reducing my daughter's highchair box to shreds. I was worried about the grind too, but seems to work great. Like Sing said, the filework looks great and polish is very fine for BG-42. More info to follow after the weekend. BTW, I have two of the BG Pups! One is a trader!!!

>>BTW, I have two of the BG Pups! One is a trader!!!<<

I like the picture you posted. Your engaving came out nice. I opted to not have my name on the knife. Seeing yours... Hmmm. But, that would make mine a possible "trader".... NOT!


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Mike Running Dog,

If you are reading this, I hope you'll consider making more BG42 pups. As much as I like being "special" with one these, I think there is interest out there for this.

Those interested should post.

Folks, here is Running Dog's new catalog site: http://www.runningdogknife.bigstep.com


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Hey folks,

The bad news is Mike "Running Dog" Murphy's computer is on the blink. The good news is that he asked me to post the following:

>>Hello Everyone!

I'm glad the PUP's finally are getting to their new homes...Thanks for
putting up with the long delivery time...

Sing, I'm sorry about the edge not being sharpened right...We sent out a
lot of blades that week, and I'm just glad I got the rights knives into
the right boxes

I have been off line because of computer problems, so I'm having this
posted by sing..

sing...So far yours is the
farthest traveled Running Dog knife...

I have been getting emails and phone calls all week about stainless PUP's
and Little Campers so I don't see a good reason not to make some
more...I'm sure this has something to do with this conversation...We will
be starting another production cycle in a few weeks...

Right now, all SS knives are special order...We hope to be able to offer
the whole catalog in 440C soon with other steels on request..As soon as I
can set up for it, I want to do the PUP's in Damascus as well...

If I can get my Zip drive to work (*%&#@), I will post pictures of the
new PUP's and sheaths..I took Chiro75's review of the PUP to heart and
made some changes...The PUP is a little wider and a little longer (by
1/8) and we lost the retaining screw and modified the sheaths for better
function as well as making them part of the sheath system with
multi-carry options...

Our "asysmetrical flat grind" isn't voodoo, but just enough different to
require some explanation...We feel this full flat grind offers the best
edge for these knives, retaining full blade width at the spine for
strenght with an overall blade geometry of about 20 degrees
inclusive...By any account a real cutting edge...

I'm glad you like the file work and this will be standard from now
on...although the first four will be the only year 2000 PUP's, I will
offer engraving of your choice on the SS for a small fee...

I want to thank everyone for their interest and all the kind
words...Starting up our little knife shop has been a lot of work for
myself and my partner Del and we plan on keeping the ball rolling with
the support of good folks like yourselves...

Go to our (still being worked on) website and fill out the customer
survey with your email...This will sign you up for the Running Dog

Tell you what...Use the Contact Us form at the website and send me your
best dog joke...I'll get Lucky the Dog to pick the best joke over the
next two weeks, and the winner will get a new carbon steel PUP for free!
How's that for a deal...

Thanks everyone and stay sharp!

Michael @ Running Dog Knife Company
for Del and Lucky the Dog...<<

I hope you guys are happy with this news! I know I am with the BG42 pup. Been cutting lots of stuff with it, and this puppy's got a seriously sharp tooth!


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Thanks Sing and Mike! Love my engraved Pup! I got a special break-away chain that is comfortable to wear from Ryan Malpiede ( silence77@aol.com ) that really makes wearing a neck knife comfortable! what a cutter the Pup is! Still looking to dull the edge, ran through boxes, dog food bags, old bike tires...

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Thanks sing. That's just the sort of information that I was looking for. I have been exchanging e-mails with Mike for the last few days concerning a BG-42 blade. As soon as he starts doing them again, apparently I am due one. I certainly am anxious to part with my money for one, if ya know what I mean!

"Absolute safety is for those who don't have the balls to live in the real world."