Reveiw request, Fallkniven WM1

Nov 27, 2002
If you have or had one, what do you think? Is it comfortable to use and hold? How thick is the handle and how well made is the sheath? Thanks in advance for your responses.
Apr 30, 2001
Hi Richard,

I own two Fallknivens right F1 and an S1. I had a WM1, but I ended up selling it. For me, the handle just wasn't right. The shape did not fit my hand, and the blade was not long enough to be that useful.

I don't know the specific application you would like to use it for, but if you're going to carry a Fallkniven, I think the F1 is one of the best usable, practical fixed blades around. The WM1 is quite small and limited in its potential role.

Apr 8, 1999
I own the WM1, F1, Garm, and U2. Fallkniven are some of the best users ... all function and great materials.

The WM1 is a great fixed blade EDC and my favorite neck knife. I have medium sized hands and the handle is about right for a knife of this style. It holds an excellent edge and is heavy-duty for a knife of its size.

The F1 is the best all-around knife made for the money. A perfect size for 99.9% of the tasks you do with a knife.

The thickness of the blades on Fallkniven knives are heavier than their competitors. The WM1 looks to be about 5/32" and the F1 is at about 3/16" but both have a very nice distal taper.

You might also want to know that Fallkniven is up for sale. The owner has health problems and hopes that he can find a buyer. If he can't then the stock will be liquedated. Not that I'm suggesting you buy the company, but the opportunity to buy might disappear in the not so distant future.

Hope this helps.

Jan 2, 2005
Not the most exciting blade shape (I would love a tanto from them), but a really oustanding product otherwise.
Oct 20, 1999
I have my WM around my neck RIGHT now. This is the ONLY neck knife, and I have over a DOZEN, that I took with me when recently transferred for work. I have another Falkniven neck knife, and a bunch of CS, BM's, CRKTs, a few customs, a Patrolman, a Bow Hunting Buddy by my man Newt (awesome knife...just in a case now...) and even a new ceramic piece I made with a buddy in NY.

My WM is small, comfortable, sharp and stays that way, sharpens easy enough, and EASILY toted all day. It cuts EVERYTHING, and is a great knife around camp, and around the house. It is small enough to not draw unnecessary attention, and yet packs PLENTY of knife in a little package.

Tactically, it cuts through jeans, chinos, and even leather easy enough, and in reverse grip weilds well. I think there is a reason the Spec Ops guys carry a small sharp blade similar to this thing...base of the neck, between a few vertbre, and GOODNIGHT FOLKS.

Grip is different, while comfy, yet small in profile. Sticky when wet, and yet cleans up easy. I use CLP on this thing, and the handle and blade are almost like new.

Only thing I would add...5 small stipples along spine close the handle. Helps with wittling...