Revenge of the cheap POS

Oh man did I just get ripped off. I was looking through the website of one of my preferred internet cutlery sites and I came across a knife that I just had to have. The picture and description made the knife out to be a quality dirk with a true rosewood handle and scabbard. The steel blade was supposed to have a true temper line and be razor sharp. The price seemed appropriate for this type of factory craftmanship (around 150), though I had never bought a knife from this manufacturer before.

What I got was a total piece of pakistani garbage! We might as well be talking about a wooden meter stick for a scabbard and a paper clip for a blade. Words cannot describe my disappointment. The steel (with its fake temper line) was so soft, that the rivots (yes rivots) in the solid, "one piece" scabbard had marred the heck out of it during shipping. And, I won't even mention all the plastic in this thing. Talk about total deception! Luckily, this dealer has a fairly good return policy, though I did have to pay to ship it back.

I'm just wondering if anybody else has gotten burned by a truly false advertisement for a knife? That's the last time I use price as any indicator whatsoever of knife quality. From now on, if I don't know the company or person's work, I ain't buying it.

If you got burned by bad quality knives, list the manufacturer here.

I got burned by CAS Iberia. Anybody else?

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I've never been seriously burned by a bad description such as you describe, but then again I've spent more than $100 on a single knife only once. That was a HI khukuri and I've never been happier with a knife purchase. You might want to post this on the Good, Bad and Ugly forum as well to warn others of your experience with this company.
Sometimes its hard to separate the marketing bullsh*t from reality especially if you like the way the knife looks. I've had a couple of knives not turn out the way I expected them to (and not just POS knives either!). It's a buyer beware thing. Try to search for owner experiences and reviews before buying unknown brands.

On the other hand, i've also had cheap copycat knives turn out much nicer than I expected. I have one large lockback made in Thailand that i use and abuse the hell out of. Still gives good service although it has been repaired several times already.

I wouldn't buy a potato peeler let alone a knife without checking here first. We have the greatest knowledge base of knife info at our finger tips. Why get burned?

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PhilLs right on. Don't ever buy any knife you don't know without checking here first. I have never been steered wrong yet.


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I heartily agree. A consensus of opinions from the collectors and knife lovers who frequent this forum is a great asset. Personally, I've learned a lot. (And I'm an old man! [50]