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Reversable Pocket Clips

Oct 3, 1998
We're seeing new and different pocket clip designs, including some that are integrated into the design of the knife. One useful trend is the reversable clip, for folks who are left-handed, or who want a knife availabe to either hand.

One approach is to use a conventional clip, like the usual three screw design, or something different like EDI's deep pocket clip, and drill and tap both sides of the knife. Then, of course, we'll get complaints from folks who think the empty set of screw holes looks funny and collects dirt. That problem could be solved with a set of low-profile screws to fill the holes, made shorter than the clip screws by the thickness of the clip.

The new Spyderco ambidextrous clip is a nifty solution for tip-up carry, with a lanyard hole down the middle of the clip screw. Nice! It is a good solution on a working knife, especially on knives like the Endura, et al, which never claimed to be good-looking. Removing the clip, for clip-haters, does leave an oversize lanyard hole. Perhaps something similar could be done, scaled-down and designed for a screwdriver instead of a coin, for smaller knives like the Dragonfly.

Al Mar has another elegant solution on their "Ultralight" series of micarta handled knives, which appear to be made in the same very good factory that makes Spyderco's Micarta-handled knives. They have butt-end reversable clips that attach through the lanyard hole, and are removable with a hex wrench. It's easier to show than to explain.

Removing the clip leaves you with a lanyard hole. This is a nice design for a dress-up knife. I wonder if Spyderco has thought of renting Al Mar's clip design for their micarta Calypsos.


James - When we played with lanyard hole clips, we couldn't get away from torsional rotation of the clip. Gerber did this some years ago (I think they still do). That is why we developed our own (patented) reversible clip, with the lanyard hole build into the clip rather than the clip using (and stopping funtion of) the lanyard hole.

Re; the Calypso's, these are designed to be a deep pocket tip down carry piece. Probably won't mess with a tip up version.

Re; "good looks". It is true that Spyderco's "in house" designs are visually stimulating. However, considering our "no compromise, high performance, high speed, low drag" approach to design, one must look at the designs through a "beauty in function" eye, much like a Grand Prix racer, or high performance jet.

Thanks for the kind words on the reversible clip.
James, could you tell me ...

On the Al Mar Eagle/Falcon does the clip tend to rotate in the lanyard hole? The Spyderco reversible clip solves this problem by having a portion of the clip nested into a square slot.

David Rock
On tortional rotation in the Al Mars - I hadn't tried forcing one. The lanyard hole liner has a slot in it that keeps the clip from rotating in the liner. Whether the liner could rotate in the hole - maybe that depends of the strength of the bond. Maybe we need to lure the Al Mar team into participating here.