Review: Buck Master series "Squire" lockback

Oct 3, 1998
I just recieved a master series squire. Its the next to smallest lockback. Fit and finish is fantastic. Best I've ever seen from Buck. Hell best I've ever seen for ANY production lockback of this style. They really put some time in finishing these things. Can see my reflection clearly in the nickel-silver bolsters. Very smooth, solid lockup, and absolutely no play anywhere. The tip of the blade is DEAD centered between the handles when closed. Thats a pet peeve of mine. The grind is excellent, symmetrical everywhere, even shoulders, etc. Wish it was flat ground, but we can't have everything ;-) Even comes with a very soft leather sheath thats kewl. One problem though----the medallion in the handle was a bit loose. Gummy black tar type glue holding it in must have been a bad batch. I set it this morning with some self mix 24 hr epoxy, should take care of that. Definitely worth the money though IMO. Kudos to Buck for admitting the need for a real steel and being the first to do it for this type of production knife. I wish CASE would pull their heads out and offer a decent steel....guinness