Review, by On/Scene Tactical

Nov 7, 1999
Hello All...

I figure I'd do a quick review on Scaba's Bob Dozier Arkansas Toothpick in D2.

The blade arrived to me in near mint condition. It's obvious that Scaba not only knows good quality, but also takes very good care of his blades.

I guess the first thing that struck me about the Dozier was the quality of the handle and its fit. Black linen Micarta with a Big Red Dot linen Micarta inlay on the handle scales.

The blade had a nice roughness about it..
I'm not one much for mirror polish on my blades,, so this I really liked.
The grinding of the blade was Very accurate and symmetrical on both sides, edge as well as the taper. Tip was sharp as a pin!

Although I didn't test it for sharpness a quick thumb test told me all I needed to know, after all I was making a concealex sheath for it,, not testing the knife..

One other test I did, was by inserting the blade about an inch into a heavy Columbia vise. After applying pressure I noticed a slight bend...
Naaa just kidding Scaba!

All in all I found the Dozier Toothpick to be Very High quality, workmanship is of the highest calibre and would definitely consider buying one for myself, or referring it to someone.

Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical

Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical