Review Concealex EMT Holster

Oct 4, 1999
A while back a Blade Forum member by the name
of Normark (Mr. Noeldechen from On/Scene Tactial) offered a free EMT holster to volunteer firefighters/emt for an evaluation.
I was fortunate enough to be one of those chosen to recieve one and put it to the test of real everyday use.
I opened the package and was very impressed with the holster. It is made from Concealex, I was not familair with this type of material
and I wasnt sure I would like it. Boy was I wrong. Form fitted to the tools, smooth snag proof surface, water will not damage this material, and by being form fitted the tools dont swing around and fall out.
The craftsman ship that Mr. Noeldechen puts into his products shows that the cares about the product his customers recieve.
I think he has a great product and takes pride in what the does. You can check out his web site for other Concealex products at
I would again like to thanks Mr. Noeldechen for sending out these holsters to volunteer
firefighters and emts and the positive praise he gives to us. John Cozad
Remlap Volunteer Fire Dept.
Hi Jcozad...

Thank you Very much for the Review.It is appreciated.

I hope that you get some use out of the tool pouch. They were my very first serious production pouches for EMT's.

They turned out pretty good other than the fact the tools are a little hard to get out.

In a Kit Bag or a place where you need to keep your tools together they are very useful.

I hope you get many years out of it.Maybe in a very small way I'll have helped save a life in the process..

Thanks Again...


Eric E. Noeldechen
On/Scene Tactical
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