Review : Mod A1 - Swedish survival knife from Fällkniven

Cliff Stamp

Oct 5, 1998
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The A1 is a very strong knife. I stressed it much harder than what had faulted many knives and it was not even effected. Its corrosion resistance is also very high which you would expect. Its edge holding is very good on hard materials as the edge will not chip and it takes serious impacts to indent it. Its abrasion resistance is higher than AUS-8A but lower than ATS-34 (at 60-61 RC). The handle is durable and shows little wear after extended use with the checkering just being slightly worn. The only damage to it is a slight cut/tear just under the finger guard. I don't know what caused it, it was either a rock/metal impact.

The blade durability does have a tradeoff and that is in slicing performance. A full flat grind would improve performance in this area significantly but if this was the geometry used a lot of mass would be lost and it would probably lower chopping performance and obviously make the knife a lot weaker. To improve the slicing ability you can put a final x-coarse micro bevel on the first inch or two of the blade as Joe Talmadge often recommends to give the A1 the ability to bite strongly on the initial cuts. You can also lower the edge bevel down a little which will improve its cutting ability as well.

Looks like Fallkniven needs to consider making a larger version for those who like more chopping capability. Might give some of the currently popular big blades a run for the money! I own the A1 but had no idea it was this tough! The comments on the handle were interesting. When I first bought it, I noticed that it seems more dense than some kraton handles I've used before. The larger tang may also account for that.
Good review!
Ten, I didn't think it was going to be that tough either and I fully expected the tip to break, the edge to warp/crack and the blade to bend/crack. Live and learn. As I commented to Tom Lagan in email, this knife sure sets a tough act to follow in many respects.

Another informative review! Thanks for taking the time to link relevant information and discussions into the text. I'm sure a certain gentleman in Boden feels very proud of the A1 just now (and is extremely happy about your review)! Hope there will be a link to that on Peter's www-pages.

Have you checked the other models already (F1, S1, WM1)? I surely wish that somebody (an importer, maybe?) has the sense to equip you with them immediately. By the way, on the front cover of the new Fällkniven knivkatalog, there was a picture of a F1 and WM1 with micarta handles. I'm not sure, if that's a good idea, but they do look nice and are (hand)made by Moki.

Markku, I have not looked at the other models. But you can note immediately that the blade geometry is significantly different on all three. They are not just different sized versions of the same knife. This is a good thing and indicates the obvious, different purposes will want different geometry. If you exchange any emails with Peter Hjortberger, this would not surprise you as this man knows knives.

I would really like to know how the A1 compares to the S1 and F1 also.

Jeff Paulsen


I am very happy you enjoy the A1.

Now we are focusing on his little sister the WM.

Such a power in a perfectly designed little fixed blade.

Fallkniven is really serious at knifemaking !

Nemo, the A1 is indeed a nice knife. I will be looking forward to you comment on the WM.