Review : Neil Blackwood small Hawkbill

Good stuff Cliff. I agree and think that hawkbills are overlooked as far as utility use is concerned. For me though, I prefer slightly smoother handle finishes. Thanks in part to your private e-mail, I went ahead and ordered one from Neil. He's a great person to deal with and his knives are well thought out and quality. Now if I can just quit bugging him and decide what handle colors I want on mine!
I'm curious about the changes, Cliff. Can you tell us about them? I frequently carry and use my small Hawkbill and I haven't found many chores that this blade shape won't handle.
Your blank is cut, holes drilled, profile ground......I other words, its very much in process!! I'm building it along with another one that was ordered by a forum member.

Your knife was the second one I made. Just shrinking the original design was not that easy. The Smaller one also had to be more utiliy friendly and not just a slasher!! It has all the changes the finalized design has. Cliff's IS a prototype!! The newer, finalized design has thumb serrations on the spine, a slightly hinger grind line. Plunge lines that are farther away from the finger notch and a little less curve in the blade.

After reading Cliff's test results and evaluations. I think the newer version will fare better in similar testing.

Cliff, I will keep you posted!!


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Gene, what email address are you using for Cliff? I have been unsuccessful in obtaining a response from him lately.

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Handle finish is very person dependent, as of late I have tended towards very aggressive surface texture for security reasons. However if the surface is that aggressive that you can't use the blade for any length of time then its not functional.

Richard, the newer model will hopefully address some of the issues I raised in the end of the review. To be clear, these were not changes required because the blade would not do a cutting chore, I carried it for quite some time and never left it to look for another blade. The alterations are just things that will optomize the blade for what I want it do do.

Neil, thanks for the update.

Regarding email, I do not have net access at home so during weekends and holidays I usually am rarely net active. Regarding emails, depending on what is asked it can take me awhile to get back to you because I might need to do some research, or the question could simply be very complex, but eventually I get around to answering all emails.


Thank you as usual Cliff, both for the post and getting back to me.