review of emerson lagriffe

Feb 18, 1999
just got an emerson lagriffe from Fred at, $49.95 + ship.. it's sitting here on the desk next to my Perrin original. out of the box the first thing i notice is one of the sharpest edges i've ever seen on a production knife, this is my first from emerson so i don't know if they are known for it. same comfortable "derringer" grip w/ fingerhole. the emerson has a slight hooking curve to it where the perrin is straight, interesting translation, doesn't appeal to me personally. but in the knife's original purpose as a surprise defense tool and anti-grappler either will function excellently. but in daily usage i can tell you that all the boxes and envelopes in the house started shuffling toward the back door when i pulled the emerson. the black ti coatiing i do like though, it give a more secure feel when gripping than the high polish on the original. the emerson is in ATS-34 vs. 1095 carbon with clay hardened edge on the original.

only one major complaint. the kydex neck sheath was total crap. weak and poorly formed, with rough edges. has one rivet too far from the mouth to lock up properly. why make a great knife with a shoddy carry system? anyway, the sheath ends just past the finger ring, and after comparing with my perrin lagriffe i decided to soften the kydex and pinch it around the finger ring as on the original. lockup was vastly improved but far from what i would call secure. also, the emerson would benefit greatly from some thumb ridges filed above the finger hole like on the original.

overall impressions: great translation from custom to production. i'm almost sorry i bought this one for a friend. will probably have to get one for myself. too bad about the kydex neck sheath, but i can remold mine and probably move the rivet up a little. is it a good deal? well really like my perrin original in carbon steel with the clay hardened edge, but at half the price the emerson is a must have for those who wanted to try the design with out risking the capitol. i'm sure emerson could make a better version but at what cost to the comsumer?

Rob G.
Thank you very much for that; I've been waiting for a comparison and now I have one. That's a shame the sheath sucks so much, I was looking forward to buying the knife, mainly b/c I liked the curve of the Emerson, personally. In any case, I think I'll wait and see if Emerson gets similar suggestions about the La Griffe and if he does something about it b/f I get one. Thanks for saving me $49.95+shipping.

Thanks for the review. Sounds like a great price for a blade crafted from stainless. The Emerson website lists the blade material as 154cm with a black oxide finish. A straight edge like the original Perrin for ease in resharpening would seem like the way to go.

Stay safe and all the best, Phil <-----<

my apoligies. it is 154cm. there i go mixing my metals again. i'll just have to start organizing my collection by steel.


the two lowest prices i've found are and both for $49.95


I'm curious. I realize you don't like the sheath. Do you feel that it is insecure? It's one thing not to like the workmanship. it's another to have an insecure hold on the knife. It seemed to me the sheath was secure enough to grip such a small and lighweight knife. I'd appreciate any comments.

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may just have been mine, but lockup on the sheath was (what i would call) loose, and had perceivable rattle. the main problem was that the rivet was too far from the mouth of the sheath, 1 & 1/8 in. on mine. did i get a goofball? but with a little heat i got it to work just fine. only other comment would be that there should be two holes at the corners of the sheath instead of one in the middle. with the one hole the knife can turn from right hand to left hand position without you noticing.