Review : Raz-R-Steel from Razor-Edge

I have been using one for a couple of years now. I think it also strengthens the edge but I am not sure. But I really cut down how offen I really sharpen my knives, Which make them last longer. And that is a good thing

-Greg Johnson

Cliff, how do you steel your knife? Is the method similar to stropping? (pulling knife edge away from the steel) or the opposite?

Frankly, I haven't tried "steeling" my knives yet, and would like to see how it would improve the edge.

Any info would be appreciated.

I've been using the Razor Edge steel for years. I've tried grooved steels due to the great reports I've heard about them, but still find myself happy with Razor Edge when all I want to do is align the edge.

I haven't don't any controlled test on steeling edge-first (like sharpening) versus spine-first (like stropping). My basic feeling is that both methods work very well, spine-first might be a little better but is much more awkward to do.

Dan, I have done it both ways. With the edge running into the steel (like honing) and with the edge trailing (like stropping) depending on which I am holding still and which I am moving. If I am holding the steel fixed I push the knife along it gently edge first. If I am moving the steel I have the knife edge trailing. Both seem to achieve similar results.

I couldn't believe it when I saw this post. I've had one of these things for about 10 years and I've never used it. A maker gave it to me at a show one time. I put it away and just forgot about it. I'll have to dig it out and try it.

Cliff and Joe,
Do you think this steel would work on serrated edges?
Gene, yes you can steel serrations. However some serration patterns are more difficult as the radius is so small its hard to get in there. The basic principle is still the same though. I have seen Dexter refer to steeling the serrations on his Military - maybe you might want to drop him an email and ask what he is using.

I have one of the steel but any info on how many swipe or times you steel each side? Thanks in advance
Cliff and Gene - yes, I do steel my serrated knives like the Military (as well as those with partially serrated blades). I just follow the same procedure as you would do a plain edge. But this only tunes up the teeth of the serration pattern and not the recesses.

Dexter Ewing
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I use the Razor Edge steel regularly.
I have found it very useful in maintaining a sharp edge in between as well as after normal sharpenings.

Got mine from our friend Tim Flanagan of Nor'East Knives.


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Rommel, its usually between 5-15 strokes per side unless you are trying to work out a dent. However its not a good idea to use a set number as what will work well on one material will over-steel another and will not do much of anything to yet another. You need to be able to feel the desired edge alignment and stop steeling when it is achieved.