Review Req.: BM Apparation


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Nov 10, 2003
I am really interested in this knife. Particularly, I like how you can chose and change between assisted and unassisted opening, apparently quickly and easily.

Wondering how well this system works.

Would be grateful if any one who owns or has handled the Apparation would contribute some views.
The 670 Apparation hasn't yet been released. Benchmade's site says early November, so reviews should be comming soon. I was very interested in this knife before I got into autos, but I still like the looks. Polished bolsters, contured scales, and fileworked liners. Very classy. Good price too; around $95-100 is average for pre-orders.
Thanks Planterz. Thought I saw it for sale on some sites. Probably pre-order, I did not check as I am waiting for my regular dealer to get them.