Review request: AG Russell One Hand


Feb 5, 1999
...K94 in particular, or any other model I guess. I know that these knives have been around for awhile, but I haven't heard about them much (but I have seen a lot of lookalikes). I'm in the market for a classy knife that will be used for light cutting chores and daily carry.
I had one of the Original One-hand knives. It was a slick little package, very nice looking, and a little unusual. The blade shape is very versatile, but AUS8A just doesn't hold up for a guy whose used to ATS-34 or better. Also, the lock was not very strong and would release with a gentle pop on the spine.

A really nice knife for a little more money is the A.G. Russell/Jess Horn Folding Boot Knife (ATS-34). I have one of those, and I really like it. Fit and finish are first rate and it holds an edge pretty well too.

Can you elaborate on the Horn folding boot?I have wanted one for awhile now but have not heard any feedback.I guess my main question is ease of opening since there is no assistance like hole or thumb stud.The knife itself is very nice looking but I don't want to spend a $100 for a two handed opener.
The Russell/Horn folder is not a one-hander. Conventional nail-nick for opening. Materials, fit, and finish are top-quality Japanese production though, with what looks like a pretty fair hand satin finish to boot. Not tactical in any sense, but very nice and useful for light pocket carry.

There is a Spyderco version with a thumb hole that looks like a great design, but the blade is AUS8A.


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Thanks for the info.I do have the SpyderCo Micarta model but like the Russell version looks wise.Still might get one.