review request ATS-55


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Dec 25, 1998
Spyderco has been using ATS-55 in some of its knives for a little while now. How is this steel holding up? What other more used steels is it comparable to? Are any other companies using or planning to use this steel?

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Shootist, I can only report that my G10 Rookie holds an edge nicely and is not at all difficult to sharpen. Personally, I don't see much (or any) difference between 34 and 55, either in edge-holding or sharpening ease. I love them both!
I picked up an Endura a few months ago which is the only ATS 55 I own.

This would be a great knife with any good steel, and the ATS 55 does not hurt it at all.

It seems to me that ATS 55 takes as good an edge as ATS 34 holds the edge almost, but not quite as well, and sharpens noticeable easier.

Some where I got the impression that ATS 55 is exclusive to Spyderco. (??!)

hello folks,

I own a benchmade small AFCK in ATS-34 and a spyderco endura in ATS-55. I prefer tha ATS-55 because of two reasons: 1: It does not rust as fast as ATS-34. 2: It resharpens easier. And if you can't resharpen knives, what good are they? I always get bored when all the kitchen knives are sharp.

Impressions after carrying both around for a month ( lucky you can change the clip on the spyderco to the other side ).
1. ATS-34 hold an edge better, but not much.
2. ATS-34 (becnhmade-stuff) rust fairly easy
3. ATS-55 is odd stuff. If feels really tough, almost like a bad heat-treath. ATS-34 feels fragile, like it can break under stress. Maybe because it is an odd alloy with
cobalt and copper added, and impurities like sulphur and phosfour removed. Has a little less carbon, and the molybdenum removed. I guess that means the 'HSS' character of the steel is removed too.
To get some real results, I would suggest some else gets his/her paws on some ATS-55 bars and makes some big fixed knives from them. And then tell me where to order them bars......

Hope this helps. Bart.
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I have several Spydercos in ATS-55 and I really like the steel. It holds an edge better than the AUS-8, but will develop little specks of rust if not cared for. It's easier to resharpen than ATS-34, but seems a bit tougher (?)