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Review Request: Benchmade Pardue 722 Tanto Axis

Oct 20, 1999
Simple enough...anything you may have. I have just received my 940, and although it is my third axis lock, it is the first one i plan to keep! I was hoping that the 722 would prove to be a keeper as well.

I am interested in the straight edge plain finish Tanto style...see what u guys can do for me~

Steve in NYC

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I've had mine for about 4 weeks now and love it. It is built just like the 720 with 2 partial, nested liners except in G10 not aluminum. I personally like the G10 much better than the aluminum. I have used it exclusively the last 4 weeks and think that it is just as solid as the 720. I don't have any worries about this knife. Fit and Finish was average, the G10 slabs didn't quite line up so I loosened the screws lined them up and retightened. Mine is a 1st Production run so hopefully they've improved fit and finish a bit. Love the blade shape. The only other thing is that I found the handle a bit small for my large hands so out came my dremel and I ground down the peak back by the pinky and then blended it with the rest of the handle. This is something I couldn't (wouldn't) do with my 720 and aluminum handles. For me it has all my favorites: G10 handle, tanto blade, axis lock.
It would be worth checking out, but try and handle one first just to be sure it is up your alley.