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Review Request: BM Sentinel

Oct 9, 1998
Anybody here own a BM Sentinel?
If someone does own one, could they tell me how easy the knife opens compared to the Gerber Covert?
Hi Comrade,

I reviewed the Sentinel for the KnifeCenter site quite some time ago. Click <a href="http://www.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/bnchmd/revsent.html">HERE</a> to read the full text of that review.

In terms of blade action compared to the Covert, the Sentinel is a bit smoother than the Covert (The Covert is pretty dang smooth IMO). Hope this info helps!
I am a former Sentinel owner. I had it and loved it... but I grew tired of it.
The blade is excelent. Very sharp and of good balance. The grip shape is wonderful. The Titanium liners are gorgeous - the blue coloring is very striking. The knife opens and closes smoothly and securly. Every time I rode an elevator alone I would open and close it and do the same any place I was idle. Loved it.
I grew tired of the knife's only draw back. It would hang up on my pockets because of the split scales that look so good. This a problem that is easily overlooked, because it is soo good looking.
The knife really is more of a Gentleman's blade, and at the time I was an Officer and not a Gentileman... I needed something more tactical... I sold it off and bought a Spyderco Police after much looking and debate. The Police Model was thin as the sentinel, but with beveled polished edges... and the silver looked awesome against my black tactical uniform, HK USP, and Moss 590 shotgun.

The Sentinel is actually a very cool knife. The tip is quite strong, and so is the handle. I would rate it as tied for second with the Gerber Covert behind the Benchmade AFCK as my favorite production folders. The newer ones come with a single-piece back scale that doesn't snag pockets.

There have been some problems with the locks not seating well on the BT2 coated knives. I recommend a buy if you like them, but check it out in person first or ask the seller to check the lock before shipping.

If you get one with no problems, they are about the coolest production folder going. Very interesting design, very versatile as a cutting tool also.

Lots of people complained about the split black scales under the pocket clip of the Sentinel - I sent mine back to Benchmade and they replaced them free of charge. Don’t know if they will still do that, but I do know they did it because of all the customer feedback.

Try them.


I did the same thing Jim Six did; sent mine back to BM for the one-piece back. Now it's about as perfect as it can be, IMHO. Has a very smooth action on opening, you don't have to get real physical and use a lot of force or wrist snap to open it. Mine glides into place, click, with just the suggestion of a thumb push.