Review Request, Buck Odyssey 1?

Nov 9, 1998
After reading about how good this knife is, I handled one at a store, it seemed good, but I know little about liner locks, except reading about them here, seems much can go wrong them. I wonder if this new buck knife is a quality piece, has anyone gotten a good or bad read on this knife, is it a winner?
I know it has good steel. Maybe I should stick with Spyderco.
Oct 24, 1998
I purchased the buck odyssey 1 about 3 weeks ago and I am very pleased with it.My job requires me to open 25 to 30 or more cardboard shipping boxes a day.In the course of a week the buck will hold its edge very well,all you have to do is touch it up on a fine india stone on the weekends.If you can find it for less than retail buy it you will be supprised at how smooth it opens.