review request: Buck Strider


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Dec 25, 1998
Looks like one tough knife. I am not much of a tanto fan but this may be a must have item. Any thoughts?

Dennis Bible
Aye Chihuahua, Batman!!!!

This is one BIG HONKIN' knife!!!!

I was prepared for a big knife, but I almost fell over when I opened the package and removed the Giant Behemoth!!!

As previously described, the knife is massive across the spine (~3/16")and is housed in a rough textured g-10 handle with titanium liners.

The liner lock engages fully on mine, at the left side of the tang. No play in any direction. Blade appears to ride on bronze washers.

The point is sharp, the main edge is very sharp, and the secondary edge is sharpened but not sharp by our normal standards. (Not meant to be or it would sacrifice the tip strength it appears to have been designed for.)

It clips onto my front jeans pocket and rides more comfortably than you might think, though the girth/width of the knife is more noticeable compared to thinner profiled knives. Overall length is similar to an AFCK but shaped more like a brick.

The rough texture of the g-10 may take its toll on your pockets after repeated withdrawals and reinsertions. However, you aren't likely to lose your grip on this knife whether wet from sweat, blood or what have you.

As far as a daily rotation knife....I dunno.
Depends on why you carry a knife.

When I was on SRT, I could see having this knife as part of my rig. It is strong enough to survive everything but a nuclear holocaust if appearances are any indication.

So, what would this knife be good for?

Well, what came immediately to mind was:

Digging your way out of a N. Korean prisoner of war camp.

Lopping off limbs (you choose, human or arboreal)

Penetrating armor.

Intimidating your boss into a raise.

Anchoring a boat while bass fishing.

This is one serious mother of a knife. It certainly won't be for everyone, but then I don't think it was meant to be.

Well, these are my initial impressions. After I get over my shock, who knows, I may be able to provide more useable info.


Live Free or Die

Some Knife Pix
3/16" thick?! err.. are they sure it's a folder, and not a fixed blade?

I handled one of these at the knife store and Blues has got the description of this knife down cold. It's a Big-Honkin' folder. A big, bad-ass folder. I don't care too much for tantos these days, but my mind keeps going back to it and now I've got to get off and call Frank and have him hold one of these for me.

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Got one yesterday and I also have to say that Blues is right on the money. This is probably the toughest folder I have seen. It definately isn't for everyone, it is a specialty tool. I really like it (that's saying alot coming from someone who doesn't like tantos!). The G-10 is incredibly grippy. When you hold the knife, it also holds you! (that was for those of us in touch with our feminine sides
) As wide as the handle is, it still fits my medium sized hands well and is actually comfortable. The only thing I dont care for is that the secondary edge isn't sharp. I understand the purpose for that, but I personally would prefer a sharper edge. If I could only have one knife to survive the toughest conditions and it had to be a folder this would be it! I may carry it some when I am on duty, but I am not sure about carrying it as an everyday utility knife. I am not sure how it would function in that role.

Dennis Bible