Review Request : Chris Reeve Sebenza

Oct 16, 1999
Hello I am just a little Newbie, please let me know what you think of the large model Chris Reeves Sebenza is it really the best utility lock blade on the market right now ??
Is it worth the money ??

How does the blade cut ??

Is the blade better than the Cold Steel Voyager four (4) inch lock blade utility knife ??

Does the handle fit well in your hand ??

What is your general comparison of this knife to other high performance lock blades ??

For those who are also Newbie's like myself here is the link to the Web page with the knife I am discussing.

Thank you in advance for your responses.

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Lets all remember, if you have personal problems with another member of the forums, take it to private email.

This site is about information, not attacking each other.

Now, as for the Sebenza, there is a lot of information out there to be found on it. If you use the Search feature on this site (and others using the UBB software) you will be able to find many opinions, which seem to be uniformly positive.

You can also set the number of days displayed on this forum to a higher number and read the other posts on this knife.

Me, I'd like one, but I'd probably go for the UMFAAN since it's ambidexterous and I'm a lefty.


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I did'nt know the UMFAAN was ambidexterous. I have left handed Sebenzas ( large and small), and I need a smaller knife to have when I wear suits. I had a chance to buy a UMFAAN not too long ago but decided that I needed a left-handed one and did not want to wait for Chris to build me one. But if the UNFAAN is truly ambidexterous ...

The Umfaan is not fully ambidexterous, it just has a thumb stud on both sides of the blade. A lefty will still have to reach over and pull the lock off where a normal person could push it with the thumb

Also, the handle is slightly lower in the stud ramp area on the right side.
Unless Reeve has a true lefty model like his Sebenzas, this is as close as it gets.
My brother and several friends, all lefties, love my Umfaan and can operate it quite well.
First off I don't want to start any flames but comparing a voyager to Sabenza is cross bows vs. cruise missles as far as I can see. nuff said Mike
I was the first person to respond to your post in the newsgroup, and guess what, I told you to look at the sebenza.

Next time listen to me!!!!
If you buy one at a desent price and keep it in good shape you will be able to sell it and get your back if you dont like it

I don't get any respect!!!!

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