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Review Request: Chris Reeves Sebenza

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Oct 16, 1999
Hello I am just a little Newbie, please let me know what you think of the large model Chris Reeves Sebenza is it really the best utility lock blade on the market right now ??

Is it worth the money ??

How does the blade cut ??

Is the blade better than the Cold Steel Voyager four (4) inch lock blade utility knife ??

Does the handle fit well in your hand ??

What is your general comparison of this knife to other high performance lock blades ??

For those who are also Newbie's like myself here is the link to the Web page with the knife I am discussing.


Thank you in advance for your responses.

Best regards,


I'm also new to this discussion forum and am expecting delivery of a M2 AFCK and a large Sebenza later this week. I'll let you know how they stack up against each other as soon as I work 'em some. BTW I've carried a mini AFCK BT2 partially serrated daily for several years so I'm hoping the Sebenza is everything I read about it!
Hi xxxx,

To put it simply, the Sebenza is one of the best folding knives available today. Though you will pay at least $300 for one, the knives are well worth every penny paid and will give you a lifetime of pleasure of use and ownership. To answer the question about if the Sebenza's blade is better than the Cold Steel Voyager - it definitely is. Voyager has an AUS-8 blade, while the Sebenza has a higher grade of stainless steel, BG-42. BG-42 is a much tougher steel than AUS-8, thus will hold its edge longer.

The Sebenza's handle fits your hand quite well. All edges are radiused for user comfort, and Reeve has placed gripper grooves in the lock release area to promote a good non slip grip. Titanium has kind of a "grip you back" quality and that is exhibited well in the case of the Sebenza.

My general comparison of it and other high performance knives is like I said in the first couple of sentences above - definitely worth the money and is a very durable folding knife that can take on anything that you can throw in its path. To put it briefly - you will not be disappointed if you get one. As long as I have been reading about knives, I have yet to read one negative word about this knife.

Dexter Ewing
Knife Reviews Moderator

What Dexter says is true. Not only will you not be dissapointed in the Sebenza, you'll also want the other size as well as the Umfaan.
There should be alot of comments about these knives in the "search" feature, although I have never used it myself. These knives have been in many recent, past and ancient posts. All are favorable.

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Hello fellow newbie, I recently purchased a large Sebenza, however can't compare it to a Cold Steel Voyager (since I don't own one yet). I can say that the lock-up of the Sebenza is superb. I've done a few tests and found the entire design very secure. All the hype does have some merit...yes the $300+ price does seem steep, but if you can get your hand on one to exam it, you might "feel" why so many others are recommending it. I've never had a liner-lock fail on me (and I've put quite a few to the "real world" test), but the Sebenza gives an almost "insured" lock-up that doesn't look like it will fail.

Just my two cents worth...



This is an edited excerpt from an e-mail I sent to my main man Howard at the KnifeCenter after I got my first Sebenza:

What can anyone say to justify spending $325 on a knife? I can sum up the Sebenza in three words: WORTH EVERY PENNY. Well worth the wait too, while we're at it. 5 reasons why I LOVE the Sebenza:

1.) The simple construction: 4 allen head bolts, 2 spacers, 2 bushings, the blade, the 2 handle slabs, and the belt clip. Real easy to take apart and put together. A single 5/64" allen key is all that is needed to break it down, and one is included with the knife.

2.) The nice fat BG-42 blade with its simple utility shape and cool-looking rounded-off top.

3.) The 6/4 titanium handle-nothing beats the sweet feel of titanium. The shape is simple without unnecessary curves or bends. The open back design makes it easy to keep the knife clean. The wavy bumps along the bottom and the slight ridges along the ever-so-slightly curved back are attractive and do a good job of enhancing the grip.

4.) The simple but purposeful design of its integral lock. I've never seen anything so beautifully effective. Nothing else even comes close.

5.) All the intangibles. The balance is perfect. The fit and finish are precise. The action is smooth.

xxxx, You can't go wrong with this knife.


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Welcome xxxx, (makes me want to have a drink when I look at that), and Waldo! Sebenza's are berry, berry good!
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