Review request - CRKT Peck

Feb 16, 1999
I'm looking for a small folding knife at a reasonable price. Any thoughts on this knife. I like the look and the size of it. Is it as dangerous as the KISS?


To the person using/carrying it. I think I've read more about the CRKT KISS cutting it's owner than I've read about it cutting anything else.
To me it looks like a great knife, the new CRKT Peck looks even better.

I'm not really looking for a weapon. I'm not a trained knife fighter and I never intend to be one either. The knife is mainly a tool to me. I want a small folding knife for daily carry. Is the CRKT Peck that knife?


FWIW, Fred of Knife Outlet had the Peck as his weekly special last week. Three days later he announced that he would no longer be selling it. It seems that he had been using one as a key fob that opened up & cut him. Details are in FS Dealers.

I just got mine in the mail yesterday (thanks Brian
) so any comments I make are really only first impressions and you can take them at a suitable discount.

I like its looks a lot. Its a really pretty little tool with a lot of coolness value. I like the size and weight, both of which are small. It's about the same length as the Toyota key on the same keyring. It arrived sharp. It has a pivot screw rather than a rivet, which is good. A rivet would certainly loosen over time. The screw will too, but it can be retightened. All the screws have Allen (hex) recesses, which is good since Allen keys seem to be easier to find and cheaper than Torx.

I wouldn't call it stiff, but the action is relatively tight, which is probably good since you don't want it opening by accident. OTOH, it's not really easy to open this knife with one hand, both because of the tightness and because of the small size.

I put it onto my keyring right away, but I'm not yet convinced that I like it there. The clip does not seem to be removable. Or at least the clip can only be removed by taking the whole thing apart, since the pivot screw goes right through it. You would then want some piece of material to make up for the thickness of the clip in the pivot assembly. The clip would be handy if I wanted a money clip, but I don't. I also don't think that I would want to clip this knife on the edge of my pocket. And for a keyring knife, the clip is worse than useless. It just adds thickness for no purpose. I've moved it to various positions on the keyring in an attempt to make it less ob- and in- trusive, but none of them have struck me as fully satisfactory yet.

I may take the clip off if I can find a washer of the right thickness to replace it, but the alternative of turning the clip itself into a washer by cutting off the rest doesn't appeal to me since I may want the clip again someday. (Unlikely but possible)

Overall, I like the knife (or at least I want to), but I would definitely not want it to be the only knife I'm carrying. If I were to carry only one knife of this general size, I suppose I would buy a LadyBug (if they came with a plain edge) or go back to a "traditional" pocketknife.

Paul Neubauer
Here's another data point for you. I reached into my pocket for my keys a little while ago and found the knife was open slightly. (The hard way.
) Nice clean cut, but I doubt that I will want to continue carrying it on my key ring. I haven't decided yet just what I will do, though I probably won't just throw it away like Fred did.

Paul Neubauer
Jonas, I got my "peck" in the mail last week, put it on my keyring, and took it off before the day was over. It takes practice to get your hand in the correct position to open it, but if you accidently push on the bevel just above the edge, the knife opens VERY easily. So just grabbing your keys, or taking it out of your pocket may open the blade...and its very sharp. Just letting you know..
Had mine for about a week, and I like it, but as a money clip.
I noticed a few folks here had problems on a key ring, as did Fred of KnifeOutlet, but I've had no problems so far using it as a money clip.
It's basically a scaled down KISS with a different blade shape (see review of the KISS). I carried the KISS as a money clip for a few months, before receiving the PECK, with no problems - I think these knives are great, as money clips.
I wouldn't recommend the PECK as a "daily carry" knife, too small, unless you're opening envelopes and other "light weight chores", besides using it as a money clip.
Just my opinion, I know others have had problems with both the KISS & PECK but I haven't.
I also use it as a money clip ... although somewhat more nervously after reading this thread! I haven't had (pause to knock on wood) any problems as of yet ... about 2 weeks. Aside from the risk factor, it works pretty well as a money clip, adjusting from a set o about 10-15 bills to just a couple without problems. I wouldn't use it as my only carry though.
Just my .02 worth,
Opening the PECK one handed is very difficult, if not impossible, due to both the size of the PECK and because of the tightness of the pivot screw. That said, having the pivot tightened will probably mean less people having surprises when they reach for their keys.

I still have mixed feelings about mine. The edge isn't very sharp and the PECK is a bit too small to be useful as more than a straight razor (and I'd rather use a straight razor, as it's sharper).
Mine came today and it is very sharp. I open it one handed the same way I opne my KISS, I push onthe blade itself and then slide my thumb up to the stud to finish opening. I will not be using it as a keyring, nor clipped to my pocket. I wil probably carry it as a money clip, withthe blade inside the money. This is how I have carried the KISS onto several Airplanes without so much as a second glance.

It is no weapon, but seems like it wil be a handy tool to have around.